1. Anyone who doesn't want you in their feed can block you. It's so easy.

2. Anyone who's read more than a handful of your stories realizes that you are not trying to claim innocence, nor are you trying to simply profit off shame.

3. It's awesome that all you really want to do is write. You have a defined goal and know what you want. You're WAY ahead of the game. Kudos!

4. Your writing is not for everyone. Doesn't make you any more or less of a person. Belittling you over it makes them less of one.

5. If more people were both honest and RESPECTFUL, there's be a lot less hate in this world.

Continue to shake it all off. Stick to your plan, be honest with yourself. End of story.

Written by

Avid writer, marketer & business consultant. // Reward yourself a little every day. 🆆🅾🆁🅺 + 🅻🅸🅵🅴 🅱🅰🅻🅰🅽🅲🅴

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