There’s something unique about you.

Woman wearing colorful makeup in hi-tech fashion. Her hand is painted gold with splashes of color.

Finding out who you are — what you’re good at, what you stand for, and what inspires you to travel down certain paths — is an amazing adventure. If you asked me five years ago who I was, my answer would be quite different from today. …

It’s a struggle to convey honest thoughts sans offensiveness

I have a plethora of stories in the queue. Most relate to marketing, life lessons, and self-care. I’ve worked hard on them. Yet, it’s not enough. Not for today’s climate.

I require myself to write based on facts, knowledge, and my truth. Part of that is with the understanding that…

No matter the problem, strive to produce solutions

Any successful business solves pain points. No matter the product or service, if it doesn’t address a consumer’s dilemma, it’s worthless.

Cricut machines ease the painstaking task of cutting out shapes by hand. All types of crafters and designers rely on it as part of the creation process. PopSockets addressed…

Bonus points if you tell the world about it

Black cat with green eyes lounging on a desk.

As I write into the wee hours, the cat is sprawled out on the back right side of my desk, chewing on her toenails. It’s a gross, nerve-racking sound, and I struggle to keep from screaming at her. After a few minutes, she settles down and lays her head atop…

Browbeating’s never been a successful strategy and here’s why

Millions have taken to social media, writing platforms, and op-eds to shun those who have yet to get the COVID-19 vaccine. But there’s a rarely-addressed reason some of them won’t take the stick.

I’m a marketer. I spend the bulk of my days “listening to people,” understanding their concerns, and…

Stop telling readers to abandon your work

The internet is chock full of many examples and recommendations writers shouldn’t take at face value. The world is abundant with various writing styles, guidelines, and formats. …

Rejections also stem from lack of proof

The “fake it ’til you make it” mentality has no business in the world of writing, especially for advice-giving articles. …

Finding the best way to say goodbye to what’s holding you back

Relationship toxicity is one of the most difficult to recognize until it’s too late. Both at work and home, the line between fruitful and damaging isn’t always apparent. And anyone involved can cross it without others realizing the shift before it’s too late.

In our personal lives, we identify toxicity…

I’m not asking for much — just to be me

A woman stands beneath an overpass. With her hands, she’s holding high a cardboard sign with the word WOMEN on it.

This may get some feathers in a ruffle. I’m good with that. As a woman, I am nothing if I cannot speak my truth — what matters to me greatly, especially in today’s climate.

For the past decade, I’ve watched, with great interest, various movements unfold. Some of these were…

He’s a comic book legend and the world’s first blind feature film director

Comic panel and covers to horror tales included in the Fright Unseen Launch Pack

Joseph M. Monks’ been spinning tales since the 1980s, primarily in the horror genre. If you were into indie comic books in the ’80s and ’90s, you might remember Cry For Dawn, NightCry, and a plethora of other titles he created or penned. …

Pamela Hazelton

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