A big problem we, as humans, have is that we don't take time to process what someone is saying before we respond.

I don't see Marcus telling all of us to just simply shut up. He's telling us to listen and understand before saying something. He's telling us that when we speak it should stem from a true understanding. It should come fully from our heart, opposed to posting content to make ourselves feel better. Our support needs to come from selflessness. And any of us who never took a stance previously can't have that yet, because there hasn't been enough time to process everything.

I am guilty of staying silent publicly. On a personal and local level, I've stood for equality. My actions, on a local level, showed that. But for the masses? I only recently spoke on a bigger platform. That was wrong. I recognize that. And I vow to do better.

Saying we shouldn't take heat for something our ancestors did is an easy cop-out. Even if we think history is utterly in the wrong, we are shaped by our ancestors, who raised generations to think or feel certain ways. So we need to take time to process that as well.

On the flip side, I get it. Recent events have truly opened many eyes across the globe. Now, the masses, SEE what so few have been talking about for years. And it's natural to want to take a stand. I think Marcus is telling us to process information before jumping on the "let's give as much money as we can" bandwagon. Because that is a temporary solution. And history shows way too many people have given money right before returning back to "normal."

Lastly, it is not our black friends' job to review and edit our content. If we KNOW the problem, we shouldn't need to look to them to approve what we've written.

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