I did read your pyramid story and have followed you so I can read more.

I understand (and respect) your stance. However, it's difficult to research every publication in its entirety. I only know of the pieces I've read before submitting and my own stories (which I know are authentic and don't call for claps, etc.).

I do find the pyramid scheme interesting. I do roundups on my publications, though it includes content and other details. They are behind the paywall. I put guidelines behind the paywall because if they aren't members, they couldn't possibly review the publication enough to understand what is published.

I'm going to further look into the publications you mention. And I get that it's not your problem and you have the right. Maybe I'm not understanding how, for example, if I submitted to your publication, I'd be bringing a fake following solely based on my work appearing elsewhere. Maybe I'm the exception - I've never seen a real boost in followers after being mentioned in any of those roundups.

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