Ignore her. She went so far as to tell me that I’m basically an inexperienced writer who thinks I know everything. Big head on that one.

She accused me of boasting when I was simply saying, hey let’s give the criticism privately because shaming writers by calling them careless publicly isn’t helpful at all.

But, what do I know? With 30 years of writing behind me and oh, yeah, Neil Gaiman? Worked parallel him and many others back in the Sandman days. Pretty sure I still have a copy of the magazine I ran with one of his early interviews in it.

No boasting, just facts to perhaps illustrate to someone who is happy to report they are a much more advanced writer who could help anyone except maybe Gaiman that there is something called etiquette. You can be a brand new to Medium and still know there are ways to be helpful.

Long story short, any writer who truly wants to help another will reach out to them privately. She used the excuse of not being able to post a private note from her phone. Well, that’s when you can use a Notes app and refer to it later when you’re at a computer.

Her initial response was rather rude, and when she was called out on it she decided to put others down. Certainly not representative of most professional writers.

Giving reader feedback on a story is one thing. Holding yourself in a higher regard than others is entirely another. Either kind of person can be successful as a writer. Doesn’t necessarily make them someone others should look up to.

On the upside, in my four years on this platform this is only the second time I’ve run across this strong of an attitude.

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