Wow. Did you really just say all this? Let's be real... most of the articles of women voicing their opinion are labeled as whiny, with plenty offering to hand the author a tissue. Nicole's piece instead focused on actual data WITHOUT trying to force feminism down people's throats. And she's spot on about that.

I am a strong, independent woman. It turns men off, for sure. I push myself to succeed every day. And I do succeed. Doesn't change the fact that when I'm the only woman on a panel, the audience overwhelmingly seek answers from the men, even if I'm the one most qualified to answer the question. Doesn't matter if I act mousy, either - tried that. Even a firm handshake doesn't seal the deal as much as it does for far less qualified men.

Not all women want "the top" handed to them. I don't want to see "the top" handed to anyone. Nicole's piece gives us something to think about without trying to get something solely based on the emotional aspect. It's sad that point was missed on you.

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