There’s something unique about you.

Woman wearing colorful makeup in hi-tech fashion. Her hand is painted gold with splashes of color.
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Browbeating’s never been a successful strategy and here’s why

Photo by @user22281631 — licensed via Freepik premium; chart added with permission

Stop telling readers to abandon your work

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Final thoughts

This is most often used as a “catchall” subtitle, regardless of…

Rejections also stem from lack of proof

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Finding the best way to say goodbye to what’s holding you back

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I’m not asking for much — just to be me

A woman stands beneath an overpass. With her hands, she’s holding high a cardboard sign with the word WOMEN on it.
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He’s a comic book legend and the world’s first blind feature film director

Comic panel and covers to horror tales included in the Fright Unseen Launch Pack
Hype for the Fright Unseen Launch Pack, which Monks’ is Kickstarting

One word: results.

Photo by Evgeniya Litovchenko on Unsplash

Enough with the rants and scare tactics; focus on what matters.

Computer keyboard and mouse on a desk. Above is a notebook with the word ‘whatever’ written in bold black.
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The ante is your only obligation

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