There’s something unique about you.

Woman wearing colorful makeup in hi-tech fashion. Her hand is painted gold with splashes of color.
Woman wearing colorful makeup in hi-tech fashion. Her hand is painted gold with splashes of color.
Photo by ldutko — licensed via Freepik premium

Finding out who you are — what you’re good at, what you stand for, and what inspires you to travel down certain paths — is an amazing adventure. If you asked me five years ago who I was, my answer would be quite different from today. I’ve spent quite a bit of time discovering not only what I can do but also what makes me tick.

Self-discovery is both a scary and exciting process. The more we learn about ourselves, the more apt we are to not lend so much weight to what others think. …

Enough with the rants and scare tactics; focus on what matters.

Computer keyboard and mouse on a desk. Above is a notebook with the word ‘whatever’ written in bold black.
Computer keyboard and mouse on a desk. Above is a notebook with the word ‘whatever’ written in bold black.
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I didn’t wake up this morning with the intent to write about this platform. In my pieces about writing, I try to make everything more generalized, presenting strategies writers could apply on many platforms and under several different circumstances.

Sometimes, though, talking about what’s going on here is inevitable. Such as today, when my writing feed is loaded with stories about people wanting to leave. Bold statements like, “Everyone wants to leave Medium,” and “The number of readers on Medium is decreasing.”

There’s one fundamental problem with these stories and the ideas behind them. They don’t cite data. …

The ante is your only obligation

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In most poker games, there’s an ante — a required “buy-in” to play each hand. In Texas Hold ’em, it’s called a blind, and just two players of each hand have to cough it up. After the initial buy, what each player does — play, call, bid, or fold — is up to them. Going “all in” is never a requirement. One could easily just fold the hand.

There’s a reason I haven’t been posting on mainstream social media nearly as much as I used to. …

Scan, name, file, forget

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For the better part of two years, I’ve spent a great deal of time away from home. Personal responsibilities included traveling between Florida, where I live, and New York State, where I grew up. The time away left me having to reprioritize things when I was home. Paperwork didn’t come close to making the list.

I am a packrat when it comes to paper. I’m always concerned I’ll need something — especially old receipts — so I hang onto all of it. At the two-year mark, I had two 58 quart bins of papers that needed filing.

My latest trip…

A wake-up call to the modern storyteller

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Dear modern-day writers:

Thank your lucky stars! Modern digital publishing has opened millions of new doors. Take it from us old-timers: we sometimes wish we had it so easy. Today’s writers can churn out more content and deliver drafts in sometimes mere minutes. For us oldies, it’s about way more. We’ve paid plenty of dues, of which modern penners haven’t even heard.

We spend moments behind the scenes, reminiscing about the sounds of keys activating metal levers. Or, a characters-adorned “golf ball” that goes slamming against the platten, a single leaf of paper muffling the sound ever so slightly.


Why I advocate for your right to say what you think

A woman has black tape over her mouth. She holds up a finger, telling us to be silent.
A woman has black tape over her mouth. She holds up a finger, telling us to be silent.
Photo by user22763627 — licensed via Freepik premium

Launch any social media app, and you’re bound to see something that makes you cringe. Perhaps you’ll stumble across racist comments or someone claiming a historical event was a hoax.

What you see may convince you to turn off the screen, but there’s a better chance you’ll get sucked into the drama. The fear of missing out (FOMO), coupled with a nagging need to doomscroll, keeps plenty of people engaged.

FOMO and drama are driving forces behind many online influencers’ existence (and their paychecks, too). …

In response to an open letter to editors

Photo by wayhomestudio — licensed via Freepik premium

The web is inundated with “open letters” to editors, penned by writers. They’re often without merit, and most of the time, I shrug them off. But now and then, I decide to respond, hoping more writers will understand the process, especially on platforms where nearly all editors volunteer their time.

This comment-turned-story originated from An Open Letter to Medium Publication Editors, where the writer asks, “I say WTF Editor, WTF?” before begging we take 30 extra seconds to explain why we passed on a piece.

Anyone who thinks it takes but 30-seconds to explain why a particular work is lacking…

Slow down — not everything is urgent

Photo by David Guenther on Unsplash

Quick. Your boss conveys a problem. How quickly do you provide a solution? Not so fast — what comes out of your mouth reflects on more than the moment.

Much of today’s culture centers around getting things done quickly. People are quick to think, quick to act, and quick to shrug off the repercussions. It’s the perfect recipe for an embarrassing disaster, both at work and at home.

My husband usually rolls his eyes at me while we’re shopping. It’s not because of what I buy. Instead, it’s my need to “sleep on” even minuscule purchases. To me, buying anything

What are you really trying to say?

Photo by Jakayla Toney on Unsplash

When it comes to writing, anything goes. No matter the topic, there’s an established audience eager to flip the digital pages. Finding that audience may prove difficult, but make no mistakes: if you’ve lived it or can dream it, someone wants to read about it.

In the quest to reach broader audiences and prospective clients or publishers, many writers integrate trigger words. Or, they cover topics they’re not too familiar with in hopes of gaining some attention. The result is often the misuse and overuse of words and phrases, ultimately weakening the meaning behind them.

Here are five terms being…

Let’s quash the myth about numbers

Photo by aukid — licensed via Freepik premium

Everyone starts at zero. That’s a fact. No matter the platform, you’re starting with a blank slate, and it can only go up from there. Question is: how far does that follower count need to rise before you’re considered successful?

Let the arguments begin.

Entrepreneur and investor Gary Vaynerchuk explains how both follower counts and impressions incorrectly guide marketers and business owners on what to do next.

For a consumer to get excited about something, to be compelled to click an ad or watch a video, it comes down to caring about your audience’s attention. And in order for you…

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